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How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms (Armpits)

By busayo2020 • 7 months ago • 16395 • 5029

 Dark Underarms : Get Rid Of them in 3 days.

Do you have dark Underarms (armpits). The under arms can occur due to several reasons such as genetics,overshaving, etc.

But do you know that putting on overtight clothes too can cause dark Underarms too??

I'll be telling Us to get Rid of those Dark Underarms.

Things you need are:

3tbsp  of Baking soda

1tsp of Turmeric

One Lemon

1 spoon of heavy whipping cream

1 spoon of honey.

Procedure : 

Pour the baking soda and Turmeric into a small bowl,Add bother the whipping cream,Lemon and honey too.

Mix the mixture thoroughly and make sure it's thick enough (as thick as a paste).

Then apply it on those Dark Underarms.. Wait for the Magic.

This tip right here works in three days!!

Yes you saw it right,THREE DAYS!!!

Do this and Thank me later!!!


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