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How To Get Pink And Soft Lips Naturally

By horyiin • 4 weeks ago • 1500 • 284

 We all know that a smile is the most pretty thing you can wear. However a cute smile is not only attributed by your shiny white teeth but also your lips contribute to that. We all wish to have soft and pink lips but it may sometimes seem impossible. It is important to master the skill of taking good care of your lips. This is because our lips are more sensitive than we think. They speak more about your health and thus it is important to have soft lips which is a good thing. Make sure you give your lips extra care and attention to help them maintain their natural softness and smoothness and also be hydrated. Your lips have a soft skin compared to the rest of the face. Also, your lips do not contain sweat glands and that is why you should keep them moisturized for them to be good looking.


Use pomegranate seeds to make a lip mask. The fruit itself when eaten, it has more health benefits. Most of the times, we tend to blend the fruit and make a juice which we drink down. There are leftover seeds after blending and instead of throwing them away, you can choose to use them to make a natural exfoliater. This will help in lightening your dark lips and also giving them a rosy touch. Mix the seeds with cold milk cream to make a paste and apply it on your lips. leave it there for 10 minutes and later rinse it with Luke warm water. Do this everyday, and see the great results after a few weeks.

 You can also choose to make a honey and lemon mask. We all know the benefits of using honey and lemon on our face. These is a perfect combination made in heaven. It is a recommended remedy for many skin problems. Lemon acts as a natural bleach and thus you can use it on your lips to lighten them. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and thus you can use it to get soft and pink lips.

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