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There are plenty of organizational culture examples that involve transforming a toxic culture into one that is fulfilling for everyone involved. Is it easy to change your company’s culture? Of course not, but it’s worth it. While employees tend to resist change, it’s your job as a leader to guide them through it. If you have good crisis leadership skills, you can help your team through even the toughest of transformations. Here’s a quick overview of an effective five-step process.

Create a strategic vision.

Once you have your organizational culture vision set, you can develop a Massive Action Plan to get your employees on board. Make sure your team sees the direction you’re going in and why. This will help them deal with any changes. 

Get your top management on board.

Organizational culture and leadership are inextricable from each other. For the culture change to take effect, you have to get your top management with the program so they can help guide the rest of the team.

Model the cultural changes.

If you and your management team are not displaying the values and behaviors you want the rest of the company to embrace, you can’t expect them to change. Make sure you communicate what you’re trying to teach, embrace open communication with your team and honor success and celebrate team or individual victories.

Make necessary organization modifications.

Your infrastructure needs to support the changes you want to make. Look at other organizational culture examples you want to emulate and see how they’ve structured policies, procedures, rules and systems to support their own culture.

Encourage loyalty.

When you see team members displaying healthy cultural behaviors, encourage and reward them. If you see those who can’t seem to help but cling to their toxic behaviors, give them extra training or let them go.

In Summary:

Part of being a successful business owner is creating a healthy, innovative organizational culture and knowing when a change needs to be made. Your organizational culture is your belief system and the backbone of everything you offer. When you create a strong one with values you believe in, your business is sure to grow.

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