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How to cook your sweet bitter leaf soup

By chinwe02 • 10 months ago • 12515 • 4698

INGREDIENTS FOR COOKING BITTER LEAF.       1/2 cup washed bitter leaf.                                      4 medium cocoyams.                                              10 medium size assorted meats.                          3 medium smoked or dry fish.                                1 medium size stock fish.                                         Ground dry pepper to taste.                                   1 table spoon of ogiri(locust beans).                     1/2 cup of ground crayfish.                                     2 cooking spoons palm oil.                                    Seasoning/salt to taste.                                          STEPS.                                                                     1. Peel,wash and boil the cocoyam pill tender,then blend of pound in a mortar.              2.Soak the stock fish in hot water to soften       3.Season and boil the assorted meat until tender then add the stock fish and dry fish and allow boiling for 10minutes.                                   4.Add the palm oil,ogiri,dry pepper, ground crayfish and cook for 3 minutes.                           5.Add the cocoyam paste and stir very well(you can add more water if it's too thick), allow cooking for 5 minutes.                                            6.Add the bitter leaf,seasoning and salt to taste. Allow simmering for 5 minutes.                  Thanks to Lpv

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