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How to charge your phone with salt and water

By vincentfrancis • 4 months ago • 1458 • 337

Staying at home has many advantages like we get to sleep and relax during this period of this pandemic. And it could also have some disadvantages like we can't be with friends and we can't socialize with others. But the disadvantage that has taken this headline is the power outage, and we can charge our phones with this advantages.

The items we need are simply; A phone charger, a cup, salt and obviously a phone. Follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Get your phone charger meant for your phone.

2. Next you have to get your phone and plug it.

3. Get a cup but preferably a glass cup.

4. Next we will put water in the cup.

5. Get a tablespoon of salt and put it in.

6. Stir the mixture properly to get a perfect salt solution.

7. Try putting the aluminum part of the charger halfway into the cup containing the salt solution.

So follow the instructions above carefully and slowly in order to get a perfect result. Thank you for reading this article, you could follow to get more interesting articles. I hope you liked this article. Be sure to like, share and don't forget to comment.

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