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By loadedpenvibes • A year ago • 2495 • 331

Its another wonderful topic to discuss on today. Many persons, most especially our parents now use eye glasses.

Nobody is saying it bad, but we as the children (younger generation) are not meant to do the same thing.

Without making this post a long one, we will be considering ways we can take good care of our eyes.

As we all know the eyes is the light to the body, so it taking care of it will be of good benefit.

The following are various ways we can take good care of our eyes.

1. Avoid smoking: very very important. Even the young boys and girls of this generation has started smoking. It will cause a great damage for the eyes, so it's very advisable to quit smoking if you've started, because it can cause a great damage to the eyes.

2. Wear sunglass: sunglasses is not bad. You can use that as fashion and at the same time protect your eyes when the sun is too much.

3. Eat balance diet: when we eat balance diet, it helps the eyes alot.

4. Avoid too direct contact with light: for those of you that stay glued to your mobile phones or television. it's not a crime to do so, but you should reduce the screen light to the lowest, to reduce the danger that it can cause to the eyes

5. Go for checkup: it should also be noted that you should visit an optician for check up, even if not regularly

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