How to care for oily skin

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Good afternoon lpvites❤️ how is your Easter Monday going?mine is actually boring 😣 but I'm here to feel good so let's talk about how to care for a oily skin😜🤩😍..

Actually,I happen to have a oily skin and I will like to share the remedy I do use and I hope you guys adhere to it 😍😍..

Let's begin 😍😍

1.Oily skin is better to wash in the morning and in the evening eith any toilet soap. In the morning - cool, in the evening - alternately warm and cool water. In the evening you can wipe oily skin with lotion.

2. Soap-salt washing is useful for oily skin. To do this, soak a sponge or cotton swab in water,then lather it and sprinkle with some salt. Wipe greasy areas of the skin - the nose, chin, forehead with this sponge carefully, without pressure in the direction of skin lines. Wash off the foam after your skin has completely dryes. Such a method of skin washing tones it up and helps to narrow pores of the skin. However, owners of sensitive skin should refrain from washings salt. The morning and evening wiping face with fresh juice is useful for oily and porous skin😎

This is the way I care for my oily skin and I hope you don't mind taking my opinion 😍💫

   Once again, happy Easter Monday to all Christians and everyone should please stay safe😷🙏😎🤩

      Miss Kabirat Buniamin ✍️

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