How to bake chocolate cakes

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To bake a chocolate cake the following ingredient would be required below.


1 butter- 250g

half kg of sugar

3 eggs

half a tin of milk

6 tablespoons of cocoa

1 nutmeg


half kg of flour


baking powder



1.Mix the butter with the sugar until it makes spongy and white where it is clear the sugar is totally dissolved,then whisk your egg,milk and nutmeg,after whisking add to the mixture of butter and sugar.

2.After the mixture of egg,milk and nutmeg has been added to mixture,add the fruits and vanilla flavor as desired,then add the cocoa powder to the mixture little by little and continue to mix until you get a well blended consistency.

3.Add the flour pouring gently into the mixture,then a tablespoon of baking powder and continue to mix till you obtain a mixture that is not so strong nor soft,after this add your browning and mix again for a final look.

4.Rub your preferred pan with butter then turn the mixture into the pan,hit the pan so the consistency can spread and have a smooth surface then heat the oven for about 5minutes before putting in the pan at 190 degrees.

       And after 45minutes your sweet vanilla chocolate cake is ready to eat,just remove from pan and serve.

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