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Dear valid members,


I say good Morning to you all. 

Like I've promised earlier, I said I was going to drop a post on the things to do to avoid your withdrawal request being declined. I hope you see one or two things that will help you in this post.


First and foremost, withdrawal for November has been cleared completely. It has been done and dusted. If you didn't get paid, then this post is for you. You must have done one of these things to not have been paid.



1. Uploading of links

Many members, after so many warnings of posting Facebook links, they still behave adamant and expect to get paid. 

We have shared so many post of how to get your Facebook link, how to copy the link and where to post the link on this platform, yet not all members are listening. That's one main reason why some withdrawal were rolled back. Some members posted a Facebook link, but unfortunately uploaded the wrong link.


if u havent got how to post your link, this is for you, 



(i) visit on your browser

(ii) Go to your profile (dont use free facebook, you might not get it)

(iii) click on the icon below (MORE)



(iv) click on the icon (COPY LINK TO PROFILE)... thats where you will see your link


(v) after doing that, you click on ok, as shown below


after clicking on ok, it means you copied it to your keyboard... now the next thing to do is to paste it to 

(vi) click on to paste the link. its a direct link to where you will paste the link.


all you need to do is to scroll down till u see facebook link. paste the link you have copied from facebook and click on update link info.... 

after you have dont that, you are good to go.


For those of you that arent also sure if your link is there or not, click on to confirm the rightg link is there


The reason why you were asked to upload your link is to do the follow up of sponsored post. We want to monitor how sponsored post is being shared on your Facebook page.





2. Sharing of sponsored post: like we all know, sharing of sponsored post is one of the vital thing all members are to do if they want to get paid.


Some members that requested haven't been so regular in sharing the post. When we wanted to pay them, we had to check their Facebook timeline and discovered that the recent sponsored post weren't shared on their profile.


So as a regular earner, do your self good by sharing sponsored post regularly. Even when you've requested for withdrawal, still continue sharing the post to avoid being declined, because you never can tell when it will reach your turn.

many members also share sponsored post in a wrong way. in this post also, i will be showing you how to share sponsored post correctly.





Many people share sponsored post like this which is very wrong, pls if you do share sponsored post like this, its wrong. it might be the reason why you didnt get paid.



This is the correct way to share sponsored post. it takes nothing from you.. abide by the law and enjoy the goodness of the site.



3. Your privacy settings on Facebook


Some people do the sharing of sponsored post regularly but the problem there is that they don't Make the post public. That's against our rules. The official inspecting your account for sponsored post might not be part of your friends so he will not know if you've been sharing the post or not. It's best and it's part of our rules to make your post settings public. Let everybody see what's going on in your profile and not only your friends.



4. Another thing that can make your withdrawal declined is how you do activities on the site. Officials are really Workin and monitoring everything you're doing on the site. Those that paste copied content even after so many warnings, won't be paid...

 Commenting on the platform also counts. If your comment does not tally with the post, you won't get paid. When comments are repeated, it can be an hindrance to your withdrawal, that's why you're advised to read all post well and drop a reasonable comment.


You're advised to reaf the terms and conditions of the site, so you won't have any course to be scared of anything. It doesn't cost you to read the terms and conditions of the site to be on the right track.


Thanks for always understanding,



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