How Lpv saved my life this quarantine period just within two days

By missbilly • 6 months ago • 19936 • 6594

I joined lpv after much deliberation from a WhatsApp group created by Adeyeye Olanike on January. During this period I registered with her with no much faith in Lpv, I just wanted to give it a trial.

 I started doing some activities here but I wasnt consistent because I thought the system was slow not knowing I was the one that was slow and not smart enough.

I was able to earn just #1220 on activity earning by feburary and that same early February I lost my phone and my account became static for over a month. I got a phone by March and I came back online,I was still in the Lpv WhatsApp group Olanike created, so from a few times she will post alerts of  people that Lpv has paid and I will be like wow this thing is paying people ooo.

But all this while I still wasn't diligent on Lpv until 10th of April 2020,when I looked around and i had no dime with me so that evening i created my own WhatsApp group and started presentation and fortunately two persons registered that night,and the next day until on 12th of April my referral earnings was #5000 on the dot,immediately I requested for withdrawal cux I was already starving without cash with me.

I didn't stop my effort and kept registering more people to lpv and my account has began to smile...I want to personally thank and appreciate the CEO of Lpv for this great scheme. 

Long Live Lpv !!!

Thank you

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