How I survived from gas explosion

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Hello guys,am here to tell how I survived on gas explosion.

       In 2015,I finished secondary school and went to my cousin's school at university of ansu,anambra state university. She welcomed me very well in her house and we were so happy to see each other.we played,flex and do things together as cousin.

     One day she left for a class and I was hungry.there was food stock in the kitchen BT no matches.I saw gas but have never used it before in my life then.I on the gas and was looking for matches But couldn't find it.I have to go and ask from our neighbour,she said she doesn't have while the gas was still on.I have to come back and get money to go buy matches.

       I bought the matches and was standing to light it so that I can cook food. I tried and tried BT that matches refuse to come up and I was angry.I have wasted almost half of the new matches.immediately my sister came back and noticed d gas was on.she ran inside d kitchen and saw me with matches. She shouting and collect the matches from my hand.I was confused and thinking why she shouted.I narrated everything that happened to her.she said that"if u know that God u worship,worship him well"she told me that if this matches light up,I would have been a dead person by now.

      I knelt down and thank God for saving a sinner like me.I cried and thank God for giving me a chance to see that he loves me so much.

     This was my experience and how I survived gas explosion. Long live lpv!!!.thank u God.

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