How I got banned from lpv for some days

By boss18 • 7 months ago • 25247 • 9969
How I got banned  from lpv for some days

Good morning my fellow lpvians. It's your boy boss18 and am here to tell you things you should avoid if you don't want to get banned.

1. You should not copy and paste - copy and pasting of other websites work into lpv is a serious offense, because it may contain some plagerized information and Goole does not accept false or uncorrect information (since lpv is paid through Google) they also abide by that rules. So what you should do is to research on that content your writing on and make sure your sources are correct before posting.

2. Don't copy other people's work - another offense is copying other people work like for example someone wrote how to prepare banana pancakes and you copy it and change a few things. It is wrong and because of that your may not be approved and you may even get banned. So abide by the lpv rules and come up with your own posts.

3. Don't use capital letters as heading - This is a common reoccurring theme in lpv I see a lot of users (gold users) using capital letters to create a post, sometimes it might get approved if the post is legit and makes sense but other times it is less likely to be approved,so best you can do is to avoid using capital letters and abide by the rules listed on the create post wall.

As for me I was new to lpv then and I did not read or listen to what my fellow lpvians we're saying, I copied a post and pasted it here, I did not know the post was plagerized and was incorrect, so I was banned for a day.

I now advise to learn from my mistake and abide by the rules...

And happy Easter lpvians...LPV FOREVER.

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