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how I got bannded for 2500 minutes for copying and pasting from another site and violating LVP laws

By zamoneybwoi • 10 months ago • 13744 • 5215

My friend introduced me to LVP forum, he told me it was a legit way of making money even without referral, I was shocked and could hardly believe it because presently in Nigeria it's hard to get any free means of making money considering how the economy is but I had a second thought and tried it out.

 I registered and got 300naira instantly for registering then 50naira for logging in, I couldn't believe it. Then my friend told me about their sponsored post I shared it on Facebook and got 100naira instantly then I knew LVP was legit.

 So I upgraded my account to Gold cause I heard all earning are doubled there and I'll make money from every post I create. On hearing that I was super hyped and immediately went to copy a post of mayorkun's geng freestyle beef between MI and vector little did I know I was violating the rules of LVP.

 I posted and was getting a lot of views and comment but to my surprise some minutes later I tried logging in and found out my account has been banned for over 2500 minutes. I was shocked because I never violated any rules and I didn't comment any harsh word on any post.

So I called my friend and he asked me about my activities that day I explained to him and he said I violated the rules by copy pasting,i should have just created a post since I was a good writer, I was quite sad considering what I was going to miss throughout that period.

  • But luckily my account has just be relieved from the suspension buh to my dismay I missed two vital things yesterday. First was my daily login earnings the second was  my earning from sponsored post.
  •  So I urge every lvpians to please follow all instructions and guidelines to keep your account safe and please don't post anything immoral so you don't get your account banned
  •  I learnt my lesson and realized there's no shortcut to success, you just need to take every step and you'll surely arrive at your goal
  •   Stay safe during this period and tell a friend about LVP

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