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Health benefits of Onions

By mawulorm • 2 years ago • 2048 • 300
Health benefits of Onions

It has been an arguement over the space of time whether onions is good or bad for the human health, but the truth is that generally, onions are good for the body but when taken in excess can decrease the rate at which lithium is expelled from the body which result in diarrhoea, slurred speech and more.

Its health benefit when not taken excessively include

1. Its enhances brain functions

2. It serve as energy booster

3. It lowers blood sugar level of the body

4. It improve digestion

5. It ensure proper functioning of the immune system

6. It aids in fighting cancer

7. It helps as a reliever from cold

I hope you now know the benefits of you taking onions but not in excess. 

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