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Habbits of a compatible and happy coupl you must look out for

By Mrtpage91 • 9 months ago • 4790 • 1200
Habbits of a compatible and happy coupl you must look out for

They use humor to prevent pointless arguments: When there is some tension and they are about to fight over something small, they have the habit of changing the tone of the conversation from upset to funny. And it works. Sometimes they just use an inside joke and immediately switch from feeling bothered to laughing together. Or they make fun of each other and any small tension that could grow into a pointless argument fades away. They still address the problem, but they do it playfully — and healthily. 

Obviously, if a more serious issue arises, they sit down and talk, as they believe in the importance of resolving conflict.

They communicate assertively: Some people have the habit of subtly expressing their negative feelings through their actions instead of addressing them assertively. Other people avoid conflict by completely shutting down when their partner calls them out on something. Cool couples always find a way to talk openly about their expectations and needs without upsetting each other or keeping things to themselves, and things improved a lot from that moment on.

All this was possible thanks to assertive communication, which is much more effective than a passive-aggressive communication style.

They spend time apart: While it’s important to spend quality time together, successful couples know that time apart helps each partner recharge. It keeps things exciting and fresh. When you focus on your dreams and passions, and have the ability to respect your significant other’s space, a healthy relationship can grow. The need to spend time apart is often overlooked.

They know consistent, small gestures are essential: The fact that they consistently do all these small things for each other to make them fall in love with each other every day more. All those small gestures help them feel grateful for being in a relationship with each other. Keep doing nice things for your partner, like complimenting them, bringing flowers from time to time, or preparing breakfast — not only during the honeymoon phase of the relationship but even after months or years. Be an attentive partner.

They support each other: Being there for one another and being supportive through concrete actions is essential to make a relationship flourish. That’s real love. Understanding and respecting your significant other’s needs and priorities is the key to successful and healthy relationships.

In summary using humor, communicating assertively, spending time apart, consistently doing nice things for each other, and supporting each other, are all habits that can make your relationship thrive. Healthy love is possible. It’s all about the desire to make it work and respecting each other along the way.

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