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      Greed ought to be known as a foul influence on the lives of individuals within the society. Before more rationalization......... . what's GREED??

      GREED could be a ungenerous or excessive want for quite is required or due particularly of cash,wealth,food or alternative possessions.

     Life has become additional of a battle field all as a result of human want for a specific factor that either belongs to them or their fellow human.

    Greed creating them to require to accumulate quite required by all suggests that.

      These suggests that makes them do something doable to quench their want for that exact factor. currently touching and ruination the lives of others by their suggests that particularly the poor. Exactly: within the case of ruination the poor let's take a glance at our society particularly the agricultural areas of our society. Its a pont wherever the wealthy and therefore the government uses their power over folks obtaining what they require either its theirs or not.

     Greed has no advantage in one's life however rather loads of disadvantages. Some may see the benefits of greed as obtaining that factor they desired for however no "Nothing unhealthy last forever" or rather "No secret last forever" thus notwithstanding what one possess once its gotten avariciously its ne'er planning to last. 

      There square measure several disadvantages of Greed however its primarily ruination the victims life. 

     Greed has destroyed the nice aspect of the many human in life. Their want,their lust,their wish for worldly things haven't simply ruined them however ruined loads in others life 

      Greed will solely be fought against internally and spiritually. solely words of recommendation and particularly the word of God will create anyone wish to fight against GREED 

        Thank You.

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