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Good Reward For Your Activities on lpvforum; Starting From 3k...

By pynith • 5 months ago • 64301 • 1017
Good Reward For Your Activities on lpvforum; Starting From 3k...

You login daily, comment on posts, upload posts and share sponsored post on social media. These are basically the activities you carry out on lpvforum, thus fulfilling your side of the bargain leaving the management with the task of rewarding you for the activities carried out.

Rewarding you handsomely is what lpvforum is and have been known for in her over 20 months of existence. Amongst other read and earn websites, lpvforum stand TALL as the BEST in paying activity earnings. This, we have done even without referrals.

For over 8 months, we paid 3/4 Thousand Naira with an additional premium coupon code making it a total worth of 6500 (Six thousand, five hundred naira). Till date, no website in Nigeria has rewarded activity earners this much.

Events of the past few months coupled with the negative effect of COVID-19 on world economy affected our earnings, hence our inability to pay that much in the past two months.

We are delighted to bring to your notice that in our bid to get back to where we were, starting from this month, we shall resume the payment of 3 Thousand Naira to activity earners.

 Due to paucity of funds, it's not everyone who applies for withdrawal that will be paid. Preference will be given to those with higher LARS points and GOLD members. The available revenue will be shared accordingly following this format until the fund is exhausted.

Furthermore, you stand a chance of winning airtime/data when you post your activity payment alert on Facebook. 

With increased revenue, we will be able to pay more people as we have always done.

Tell somebody that LPVFORUM is doing it again.

Together we will soar high yet again.

We care for you. We always do.

Long live LPVFORUM!!! 

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