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Good Bye To Bad Skin: 6 Secrets For A Glowing Skin

By horyiin • 5 months ago • 1080 • 243

Your skin is probably the first thing people notice about you. The skin is a protective layer and being the largest organ of the body it requires much attention.

 My mom used to say a good skin is the best outfit you can wear. No matter the expensive clothes, shoes or jewelries, a bad skin will always rear its ugly head.

 Skin issues can really affect your confidence. There was a time I did not go out on dates for three months straight when I had a bad break out that left me with spots.

 A lot of people make the mistake of thinking make up will cover bad skin, well it doesn't.

 So have you been battling with uneven skin, acne, black spots or sunburns?

 or do you simply have dull skin?

 Not to worry, here are 6 simple tips to getting radiant glowing skin.

1. Moisturize

    This seems simple enough but a lot of people ignore this crucial procedure.

moisturizing is key when trying to get that glowing skin, even if you have oily skin get the right product for your skin type, You can ask your dermatologist.

2. Exercise and hydrate

    This is a two in one combo. Working out and drinking enough water not only burns calories and excess fat, it increases blood flow in the body which includes the skin. Increased blood flow revitalizes your skin so exercise your way into a better skin after all its just one more reason to keep healthy.

3. Sunscreen

    UV rays from the sun are known to age the skin. Keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun with 30 SPF and above.

4. Exfoliate

   Lightly exfoliate your skin with a scrub to remove dead skin cells and reveal a gorgeous skin underneath.

5. Eat right

  The human body much like the computer concept is garbage in garbage out. So if all you take into your body is processed foods and soda then you shouldn't expect much in return because you're not nourishing your body.

 Eat green vegetables rich in antioxidants, fruits and stay away from red meat.

6. Massage

  Go to a spar and get a full body massage because stress is a leading cause of breakouts. You can even buy a roller online and give your facial skin some pampering.

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