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God should always come first

By vickyrozz • 5 months ago • 1827 • 314
God should always come first

Life is suppose to be beautiful and easy for us but it does not happen instantly. we must release our faith towards it. For our lives to be just as God intends,we must make conscious effort to seek God diligently. This does not mean we will replace the work that God has already done.

Outside the all knowing God, our ideas and thoughts as humans about life are short sighted. Satan is doing everything to make sure that we stay outside the plan of God. We must have a renewed plan so that we do not move away from Gods plan for us in our lives. Progress is can only be guaranteed if God is first in our lives.

We should always make out time to study the word of God and follow the instructions of God. Read the Bible for yourself and stop waiting for your religious leaders to interpret the bible for us. 

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