Friends we need

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Friends we need

Have you ever thought of someone would live in this beautiful world without friends?? Well, I can as well say someone without friends is likely to die early, there are some certain types of friends you need in your life so as to have a lovely and wonderful life time in this earth.... Though there are also friends who bring about downfall and life time of misery, I will be telling you the type of friends you need to have around you.

A loyal best friend:: Everyone need that friend who will not judge you but advice you and will always be there when you need them, They are always there with you even when they know your deepest dark secret 

An adventurer:: We live in a very big world were there are lots of places to visit, things to see and experience, people to meet, yet many of us are stuck just in one place or town, we need an adventurous friend who can pull us out of our shell to see the world 

A wise mentor:: We all need a friend who advice us to be a better person without making us feel inadequate, and being around such friends will always  turn our lives for the better 

A friend from a different culture:: Sometimes is very good to explore other cultures, traditions and values, it gives us a great idea about the World, it also give us new view about things and how they work 

A work pal:: It's good to make the best out of your work place, especially when is full time job, some people don't even know about your colleagues at work, some say they are minding their business, it's good to interact with people from different sides of the world.... 

These are the kind of friends we should have around us... What do you think my fellow LPV brothers and sisters 

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