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Friends balloons

By pennywes • 7 months ago • 15689 • 5254

Friends are like balloons,once you loose them, you may never get them back so I'm gonna tie mine to my heart so I'll never loose them.We make friends,some become special,some we fall in love with,some go abroad,some some change their cities,some are in contact,some are not in contact,some don't contact us because of their ego,we don't contact some because of our ego, wherever they're we still remember them, love,miss and Care for them because of the role/part they've played in our life.

Without friends days are








So be in touch with them everyday.What is life without friends.Friends are the part of life,tell some of your best friends you love and will always love them let them know you've not forgotten him or her.

From to all true friends around the world and to my bestie in particular the person of akinduntire olawale also known as denlimar Jr I'm saying good morning and happy easter Monday to you

Pray this got approved

Lpv for life

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