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Four Foredeals Of Aloe Vera

By gareth7 • A year ago • 2526 • 561

Four foredeals to regard Aloe Vera as a best choice for your hair treatment. 

1. Aloe Vera repairs damaged scalp cells

Studies shows that aloe vera is rich in proteolytic enzymes, and this enzymes helps repair damaged cells in the scalp. This enzyme stimulates damaged or domant hair follicles, thereby serving as hair booster.

2. Aloe Vera possesses nutrients required for hair growth.

It as been proven clinical that essential amino acid and some minerals such as zinc and copper helps hair grow. These nutrients are in abundance in the aloe vera 


It forms a protective layer around the hair strand

This protective layer provides hair strands with protection against the sun's damaging effects also protects from pollution and other common environmental elements.

3. Aloe Vera has anti inflammatory qualities

4. Aloe Vera reduces and even eradicates irritation of the scalp. It soothes the scalp and prevents probably all forms of skin irritation.

You can thank me later!... For the ladies. 

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