How LPV helped me showcase my talent.

By tundesbg • 9 months ago • 23911 • 9292

Good morning everyone 

I just want to use this medium to remind you guys how much it means to be a Gold member. Listen, I joined this platform four days ago, I upgraded my account just yesterday, now, let's forget the earning for a sec, I created my first post yesterday (the birthday message I composed) and thankfully, it was approved. The comments I got from that post really blew my mind because I've been told am a good writer, I've been told am good at writing epistles (somebody actually paid me to write an epistle for her friend's birthday, Lol) but not from this large number of people, I mean thousands of people loved the post and even just that feeling was more than enough for me. This platform has given me the stage to showcase my talents and how good I can be. 

Bottom line is, if you haven't upgraded your account, you're missing out, please do so ASAP because this might be your link to the world, this might get your voice heard all over the country.

For you're Golden, you should be a Gold member. 

Long live LPV!!! 

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