Food to Stretch Your Lifespan

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Food to Stretch Your Lifespan

Average years of life have not been dealt out fairly. A mouse gets only two years. A dog lives about a dozen years, or as long as eighteen in some exceptional cases. On the other hand, a turtle can easily outlive a human.

Human life expectancy in America is now about seventy-five years. This is an average, and includes not only those who live a full lifespan but also those who die in childhood or early adulthood. For people who have already cleared enough hurdles to make it to fifty, the average lifespan is longer—about seventy-nine.

Women live longer than men, and lifespan is not currently the same for all races. African-Americans have a shorter life expectancy than whites, in part owing to higher rates of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. And the gap in mortality figures between African-Americans and Caucasians is widening. Yet neither African-Americans nor Caucasians in America live as long as most Asians.

The good news is that our bodies do not carry an expiration date. Lifespan can be altered. The foods we chose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can not only help keep us free from life-threatening illnesses but can affect a more basic part of our body’s timetable. For instance, diet influences how fast children grow up and the age at which they reach puberty. Diet also influences the speed with which we race toward maturity, and may, in turn, influence how quickly the whole race ends.

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