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By paulous • 5 months ago • 3161 • 919

Determination is the strength of achievement, with determination you can reach the top. Do not allow past failure and friends to discourage you. Let's appreciate those that are determined because they will not leave the stage until they get their desires results.

Determine to understand that subject,work or topic. Infact do not drop it until you achieve your aim.

Benjamin Carson was at a point described as "unteachable" by his teachers because he was very poor in the class but Ben was determined not easy though, and the persistent encouragement of his mother helped him. His mother would say "Ben you will make it, you will be the best in your class, just be determined and not be discouraged". 

Today, Ben is one of the best Neuro Surgeons in America. But you have not been described as "unteachable" why will you not determine to improve in your studies or work. The question is do you want to be Excel in your academic career,work or profession? If yes, then be determined, nothing is impossible. At this point say to yourself I will be successful no matter what...

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