Face Of LPV

Most Beautiful/Handsome LPV User (MBHLPV) pageant 2020 : Face Of LPV

The 1st edition of the Most Beautiful & Handsome LPV Users pageant is here! Take your place in history and register for this pageant. Before we commence with this contest we want to get a response from our users. So this will be a poll.

Do you want to represent LPV as its face in this 2020 Febuary Contest. If yes give us your feed back so we make decision to carry on with this contest or not.

Prizes to be won by Most Beautiful/Handsome LPV User winners -02/2020

Apart from the fact that You stand the chance of representing LPV at all times, winner of the Most Beautiful & Handsome LPV Users will go home with awesome prize (Details to be disclosed if the contest be approved by the Users).

 Requirements of The Most Beautiful/Handsome LPV Users In Nigeria 02/2020

1.  You should be single

2.  You should be beautiful/Handsome

3.  You must be a Nigerian

4.  You must be up to 18 years of age and not more than 28 years of age

Benifits of Face of LPV

Entitled to Weekly Allowance.

Monthly Pay

LPV Dinner Night

LPV Brand T-Shirt

Lets go there what are we waiting for, to get this started lets poll.

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