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Enough of job hunting, Agriculture is the way forward

By dejavu1990 • 7 months ago • 14673 • 3897

Snake farming

This one involves the rearing of Snakes for commercial purposes. Because of the risky nature and low competition, this business is very lucrative.

Cattle farming

Beef meat is very popular in Nigeria. Cow milk is almost as treasured as oil in Nigeria. These factors make cattle farming one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. 

Palm oil business

Palm oil is gold. Most of the things you use from cream to soup and many more are made from palm oil. There are many companies around the world who imports palm oil from Nigeria. This business is very lucrative. 

Cassava farming

Majority of Nigerians depend on Garri, fufu and other products made from cassava. This business is very lucrative because cassava production is multi staged, you can decide to make your money at either production level, distribution level or go fully into the processing.

Poultry farming

Chicken meat, Turkey meat and others are very popular among Nigerians especially during festive seasons. Poultry farming is a very profitable business anyone can start with small capital. 

Snail farming

Snail farming is an untapped business in Nigeria. There is so much possibilities and potentials in this business. Very cheap to establish and maintain.

Fish farming

Fish farming require capital for set up once and the technical skill in managing fingerlings. The rest is money. Fish business is so marketable such that the fish can be sold off at any stage of production. Some people need it at fingerlings stage, some at jumbo size etc.

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