Effects of bitter cola

By danielnnamdi • 11 months ago • 7137 • 2005
Effects of bitter cola

Some Effects of bitter cola include :

- Bitter Cola fights STD's : Results have shown that the seed and  the leaf of bitter cola has antibacterial clinical isolates of staphylococcus aureus etc 

- Bitter Cola can improve your immune system : The antioxidants found in bitter cola  helps the body to fight bacteria and other illness. It also increases the immunity levels of the body.

- Bitter Cola improves the function of the lungs : 

The bitter cola  helps you  in the maintenance of good respiratory track and also it helps in the  treatment of chest cold.

- Bitter Cola is an anti Malaria agent : Studies have shown the that chemical constituents of bitter cola have anti Malaria properties, that's why traditional healers prescribe kola for treatment of malaria infection.

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