DRUG ABUSE ;concepts,causes,effects,and solutions

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DRUG ABUSE ;concepts,causes,effects,and solutions


Drug can be defined as any illegal substance used as medicine for treatment,prevention,and curing of diseases,drug is a chemical substance when taken alters the body from its normal function,such drugs are called illicit drugs.The oxford advanced learners dictionary,defined drug abuse as the substance that is used or the administration of any drug in any manner that deviates from an applied medical or social pattern with a given culture or society.Drugs can be substances when inhaled,injected,smoked,consumed,or absorbed ,via a pitch on the skin or dissolved under the tongue causes temporary physiological and psychological change in the body.Moreover drugs are abscessed when they are taken without medical prescription.Hard drugs are one of them in which it is in very strong and powerful drugs like heroine,morphine,cocaine, etc,they are drugs that mostly lead to physical addition,soft drugs are also example of abused drugs which are not so strong as the hard drugs,they not through to cause physical addition.Example are cannabis[Marijuana],Mescaline etc,while they do not cause physical addition ,some of them may lead to psychological dependence,Recreational drugs are drugs people takes for pleasure they are chemical substances taken for enjoyment,leisure purpose,rather than for medical reason, eg alcohol,cigarette etc,performance enhancing drugs are drugs sportsmen,and women take illegally in order to improve their performance in other words,it is substance that are used to improve any form of activity performance in humans,by the forms of the drug abuse,taking medicine without doctor's prescription,taking drugs beyond doctor's prescription,taking take,expired and wrong dose of drugs smoking excess cigarettes at a time,getting drunk with alcohol,frequent taking of substance like coffee,painkilling,etc.


The causes of drug abuse are to enhance performance,adverts in its mass media, occupational predisposition,social pathology such as employment and economic frustration,emotional and psychological stress characterized by anxiety,depression,low self esteem.


In this ways it can effect both the body,individual and society through the following ways;damage to brain and liver,hepatitis,heart,and lungs disease,kidney problems,importance damage to unborn babies,sleeplessness,restlessness,depression,anxiety,hallucination,delusion and craving desire for drugs,hatred for doing work,loss of all sense of judgement against people leads to criminal activities,loss of job and lack of skills,etc


In this way,family,organization,schools,religious institutions etc should enhance a law on punishment to those involved in drug abuse,drug agencies should implement laws grading the conduct of abuse of drugs in the society or country,and they should also involve in broadcasting the effects of drugs through mass media.

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