Dont date a broke guy

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Broke guys don't have anything to offer. They have misplaced priorities putting the cart before the horse. Instead of sitting down and focusing on life they put on a life of

deception to deceive careless girls. You can date a guy because of prospect but be wise. These are reasons you should not date a broke guy.

1. One of the reasons you shouldn't punish yourself with such guys is that they have no business dating in the first place. What can someone who hasn't figured out his

life offer you as a woman?

2.If a man doesn't know where he's headed in life or what he wants to do to make money,what does he need you for? He should go and figure out his life first before

looking for where to sweat and release his semen. Being broke is not a virtue.

3. Dating a broke guy is bad . Don't do that to your self especially if you are an ambitious , hardworking and successful lady . Don't listen to people who tell you that

maybe God brought you into his life to lift him out of the pit of financial lack. You're not Jesus,you can only support him but you can't make money on his behalf, he

needs to do that himself.

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