Disadvantages of Eating late

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Disadvantages of Eating late

Eating late is unhealthy and the disadvantages are of great risk to our health. The optimum time to eat dinner is from 6pm - 7pm.

Eating dinner early is good for our health and it helps greatly in maintaining a healthy life.

Late dinner increases cholesterol and fats in the body which put the heart at risk, unsaturated fat in body affect the pericandium which encloses the heart increasing the risk of heart attack it cardiac problems.

Eating late also causes obesity and bloated stomach and also increases sugar level in the blood and causes imbalance in the hormonal system.

It has been proved from studies that eating late causes excessive weight gain which is as a result of enlargement in the fat storage organs or tissues.

An observation was taken by researchers who conducted their experiments on rabbits and a conclusion was derived from these that rabbits that were fed in their sleeping time shows deficiency in memory and learning. This suggest or shows that eating late causes impaired memory.

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