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Difference between Training and Development

By seba01 • 12 months ago • 23309 • 9566

A lot people tend to use training in replacement of development but it should be noted that the two words are not the same. There is a thin line between these two words. So i will use this write-up to clear the difference between the two words.

Training can be said to be what involves all activities or programme designed or created to make sure that an employee of an organization perform as expected in his/her assigned role or position in an organization in other to acheive the organizational aims and objectives

Meanwhile, Development on the other hand involves all activities or programme designed or innovated  to prepare employees already working in an organization for a higher or bigger position/responsibility in the organization in other to attain the organizational motives.

It should be noted that if a programme is designed at improving the work an employee is doing, it is still Training not Development. It is until the programme involve moving to a higher position or taking a bigger responsibility.

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