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Difference Between LPV FORUM And Other Social Media(s)

By abdllhsnibllo582 • 9 months ago • 27416 • 9906
Difference Between LPV FORUM And Other Social Media(s)

Good morning y'all great and wonderful LPV_ITES.I'm here to share my experience on this most amazing platform ever

You might be thinking there won't be much differences between this platform and other social networks. Before I was into this, I made sure I know everything about it, the processes e. t.c.I was like, this is going to be a lot of stress!.... But still I didn't give up... I sat down and had a deep thinking.. I was like "why will I be on social media:WhatsApp, Facebook, IG wasting away my time just in the name of *FUN*.why will I waste my time doing nothing important , just wasting data on nothing and I won't gain anything when there's this platform where I could just read, comment and gain some money... Something I could productive with my life

LPV has changed my life. My entire life... I wanted to be independent. Not having to ask parents all the times *I need this, I need dat*... But, after I joined LPV... Mehhhnnn.. I could tell my life didn't remain the same *in a good way*

LPV has a lot of benefits.... Earnings... That depends on how hard working you are. Let me tell you something.. You can gain 1000 in a day *that's for gold users*.. And 500 for the premium... It depends on your determination... Your aim... How hard working you are. Apart from earnings... There's something bigger.. That's referrals. This one requires you having a lot of people to convince them to join the platform... It isn't an easy work tho. Active4code... E. T.C...

Let me tell you this... You've made the right choice the moment you stepped into this blessed platform.... Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend... Don't be enjoying alone... Share with friends and family... No one will ever regret it

Now I send my profound gratitude to the CEO of this most amazing platform Mr. Adeoti Abayomi  for his wonderful creativity and intelligence in the idea of bringing up this idea.... I pray your platform keeps on blooming out of success... Lest I forget... And the LPV forum crew too... It's members.. E. T. C... May God bless y'all

Do have an amazing and blessed day ahead



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