Danger of xenophobia

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it's natural and possibly instinctive to want to protect the interest of your group by eliminating others who doesn't belong or fall in your group. 

This protectiveness unfortunately normally cause or lead to violence on people who are seen as not a member of a group even if they pose no legitimate threat to other group. 

Xenophobia comes from  the Latin word.  "Xeno" which  means stranger or foreigner. " Phobos" which  means fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be strange or foreign.  Xenophobia is a term which  describe any fear of someone who's not among us. 

xenophobia often go in hand with Racism or any otherforms of discrimination, but there are  specific differentiation amongst them.  Racism is based on specific characteristics,  but xenophobia is usually rooted in the perception that a particular group are foreign to other group. 

Xenophobia dated back to To Ancient Greek where they made themselves and their culture superior to others thereby enslaved Barbarians.  Ancient Romans also held nations of superiority over all other people. 

unfortunately. actions of xenophobia often lead to destruction,  violence,  death and so many other  ill threaten. 

when this thought (xenophobia)  comes in, there signs or symptoms which  are developed. This signs  include 

- Refusing to be friend with people mainly because of their skin color,  mode of dress or their there way of lives. 

- strictly avoiding a particular area. 

- you may start trembling and shaking. 

- Anxiety,  panic attack sets in.

xenophobia can be classified into cultural and immigrant xenophobia. 

Cultural xenophobia involves rejection of traditions,  objects associated with  another group.  Language,  clothing can be involved. 

Immigrant xenophobia refers to the rejection of people who xenophobic individuals believe does not belong in their group.  It involves rejection of people of different religion or nationality.  This mostly lead to persecution,  hostility,  violence and genocide.  Take for example,  what other African countries especially Nigerians experienced on the year 2019 at South Africa in the city of Johannesburg  from 1st to 5th September 2019 which led to the death of many people.  The riots were xenophobic in nature because foreigners were the main target. 

Xenophobia has done more damages.  It leads to hostility,  decrease social and economic opportunities for out Groups,  discrimination,  hate crime and many other evils. 

In conclusion,  they say almost all the problems have their various solutions,  xenophobia would not be left out of this too.  what do you  think?  We can  reduce or possibly stop xenophobia  by fighting your fear of unknown.  you can get yourself exposed to many many different cultures,  religions and other races.  Be conscious of when the thought of xenophobia crosses you mind and replace it with realistic thought.  Am sure with  this we can minimize or possibly stop xenophobia.  

Say No to Xenophobia. 

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