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Covid-19:Wike,"We wouldn't with for the FG to assist us again"

By dokubomac-daniel • A year ago • 15774 • 6082
Covid-19:Wike,"We wouldn't with for the FG to assist us again"
The Rivers State Governor has said he would no longer wait for the federal Government Support in the fight to Curb out the spread of the Covid-19 in the state..

The Governor said the Government is committed to providing needed items for people of the state so they can be okay this period. After inaugurating the 33- man committee to purchase foodstuffs from Farmers and Fisherman in the state to supply to resident of the the state on Tuesday in the Government house in Port-Harcourt,the state's capital.The Governor said,"We are not waiting for the federal government to assist us ,we are making the right sacrifice for the welfare of our people".

He further more said,"That it is the duty of the committee to make sure that this policy succeed ,that we must not fold our arms at this time."

He also added" Our Goal is to make sure no agricultural product like Yam,Garri,Plantain,Palm oil,fish leaves our state during this period. While the farmers and fisherman will make their Profit underprivileged will have enough food supply for their Families."

So as you can see the Governor is putting all measures to curb the spread of Covid 19.

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