Cooking gas

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Today 90% of Nigerians are found using gas which they say his faster easy for cooking not regarding the bad effect of it when it is been misused. 

   Allot of report rises up daily on how a commonly use gas cooker burn down a building and despite all this people still find pleasure using it  which no body knows who  the next victim will be and how it will happen, Series of gas  incidents keep coming up with a slit mistake some may say  is the devils hand work or it must be the village people at work, but does it really entice on that...? 

 Few days ago on my way coming back from my working place I over heard a old lady given series of complain to a lady popularly called cylinder woman because that is her area of business on how firewood as stop her  from cooking  for her family most time the children sleep without been feed which she felt bad whenever it occurs and she finally got the gas cylinder without proper usage of it, let assume this old lady start using this gas without formal education on how it should be properly use and care for what will be the result of it? Same old story adding to the gas incident that has occurs due to lack of knowledge on how it should be use. 

 We can save life today and reduce the rate of which gas accident burn down buildings by not just seating back watching someone misusing a gas cylinder, Let join hands together in given formal education on how gas cylinder should be use to does that lack the right method of usage, 


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