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Convid 19 issues in Nigeria

By saliuomo24 • A year ago • 16546 • 6085

Funding Nigeria Public Universities a Metaphor or Fiction as Convid 19

Sarcastically ,  Let all the public Universities be eradicated in Nigeria. Let Government now fund private universities for poor children to go. Whether we like it or not, the country-Nigeria will soon decide whether ignorance should be promoted or education be embraced with adequate funding. We are all living witnesses of how Developed countries are trying on daily basis even with state of art- technology to arrest COVID-19. We Nigerians must first of all be grateful to God that the Temperature in Nigeria is not favourable for the pandemic, it could have been a worse scenario. Like I said earlier, we are to choose between Education and Ignorance. Members of ASUU have not been paid two -month- salary (,February and March). They are now in the 3rd Month without salary. Are they complaining? Let the Representatives and Senators be buying SUV cars at the expense of Education. In fact, that is the growth and development needed in Nigeria. Imagine, each Car costs N46 million

At least 400 members of the National Assembly are to be beneficiaries of these 400 cars which amounted to more than N1.2 Trillion. Nigerians, who are the few the few people in vicious cycle that are ready to ruin Public Universities?

This is an endemic or "pandemic" virus that needs to be tackled with celestial intervention

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