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Confidence in Public speaking

By paulous • 9 months ago • 5156 • 1200

Develop self confidence and courage, gaining of self confidence and courage is not as difficult as most people imagined. It is not a gift bestowed by Providence on only few; anyone can develop its own latent capacity if he has sufficient desire to do so.

Training and practice subdue fright. Some speakers will say they drive stimulus and inspiration if they with large audience.

Tips on public speaking

Know thoroughly what you are going to speak on

Act confidence "to feel brave" Always replace fear with courage. Lack of confidence causes fear.

Good preparation l: a speaker said " he would think of appearing half naked as half prepared. Therefore, extensive reading habit increases our preparation.

Make your speech meaningful.

Ask challenging Questions 

Make your speech impressive and convincing.

Use comparison to promote clearness.

Quotations from text example Bible.

Crowd your audience together scattered audience is lot good enough ...

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