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Calvary greetings great minds!

I want  us to actually reflect on a day like this "Easter". Permit me to say this pandemic COVID 19 is actually happening at the right time and God is aware of it, if he is not he won't have allowed is from the first day but God allowed it so that we see those things we think that matter, people we think that matter, places we think that matter that all these things don't matter even things we think we can't do without, we are actually doing without them in this lockdown. My brethren Christ has risen! Alleluia!! But that is not all we actually need to reflect on this season because it calls for deep reflection. This is a time for total submission to God, let's reaffirm our faith, it's not a time to drink, flirt and do other immoral act like I said it is a moment of TOTAL SUBMISSION AND REPENTANCE  TO GOD. Look around u will see what God has done for u if u can't see that healthy life worth giving God glory because we don't worth it but his grace and mercy is always speaking for us. I pray this makes sense to use

Happy Easter Celebration!

Let the will of God be done in our lives. Amen 

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