Celebrity Rappers Who Don't Smoke Weed

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Tyler, The Creator

For what reason isn't that right? All things considered, clearly it was a terrible involvement in a weed brownie that demolished it for him. He recounts the story in an interview with the Fader. "I've been high previously. Every one of my companions smoke weed. I realize they purchase eighths and pounds and poop, and they like Swisher Sweets. Last time was '09, New Year's Eve. Ate a weed brownie, the most noticeably awful time in my life. Not for T. This psyche shouldn't have anything in it. We was all at the studio, and I resembled "Better believe it, screw it, I'll take a little bit of the weed brownie. " I was messed up, crying, needed to pass on. This cerebrum should have anything. "

J. Cole

In spite of the fact that his freestyle hair and unkempt facial hair may recommend something else, the 4 Your Eyez Only rapper, has been marijuana free since 2011.


In a meeting with HipHop - N - More, Cole opened up about weed never truly being his thing, and said that he truly just discussions about weed to identify with a portion of his fans.

Kendrick Lamar

One of my number one Kendrick tunes is "The Recipe. " The smooth melodic tune drones "ladies, weed and climate" in a nonstop circle as K. Dot. what's more, his large homie Dr. Dre, rap about California's most noteworthy credits. Yet, the Compton local really remains abstinent from the substance.


Vince Staples

The direct inverse of his kindred Long Beach local Snoop Dogg, Vince Staples is really a calm feline. No drinking or weed smoking. The MC, who previously made his sprinkle on the hip - jump scene rapping close by Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt, says being calm is "misjudged" and that in case you will get high, you should go hard or return home.

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