Causes of blindness, types,and prevention.

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Causes of blindness, types,and prevention.

Blindness is the inability to see anything even light as the case may be . If one is partially blind, he/she has limited vision, for example, he or she may have burry vision or the inability to distinguish the shape of an object . Complete blindness means the person may unable to see anything at all.

Causes of blindness:

1 head injury: it is an injury to the brain, skull or scalp. This condition can move from a mild bump or bruise to a traumatic Brian injury.

2 Glaucoma: is an eye condition that damages the optic nerve . The optic nerve supplies visual information to the brain from the eyes.

There are two types of Glaucoma

(a) primary open - glaucoma - symtoms not manifest 

(b)  Acute - angle closure glaucoma - symtoms manifest are :

Severe eye pain



Redness of the eye

Sudden vision disturbance

Seeing colored rings around light

Sudden blurred vision.

3 Retinal Detachment; it occurs when the retina separate from the back of the eye. This causes loss of vision that can be partial or total. When the retina becomes detached it cells may be seriously deprived of oxygen.

Symtoms of retina detached:

Blurred vision

Partial vision loss

Sudden flashes of light that appear when looking to the side

Sudden seeing many floaters.

Other causes of blindness include

4 Hypertensive retinopathy

5 cataract 

6 macular degeneration

7 diabetes retinopathy

8 Retinal vascular occlusion

9 optic neuritis

10 strabismus.

Prevention of blindness.

Avoid inserting of harmful object into the eye and close area of the eye

Should in case you mistakenly put in and armful substance into the eye, see your doctor for proper treatment before getting out of hand.

Avoid fighting or throwing stones

Do not apply any self medication should in case you have an eye problem. So as not to worsen the case.

Take proper care of your eye each and every day.

Be safe


And healthy.

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