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Care of hair

By joefps • 12 months ago • 21178 • 8770

1.Protein benefits your hair. It provides your hair with important nutrients to grow. Eating a protein rich diet will help your hair to grow faster. Fill up on lean red meats, chicken and fish, nuts, dairy and eggs to get plenty of protein.

2.To care for dry ends massage some oat replenishing treatment before washing your hair into the ends and leave for five to ten minutes.

3."You really want to cleanse the scalp about three times per week," says stylist Patrick Melville of Patrick Melville Salon. "Obviously this depends on the individual. If you tend to have a more oily scalp, you may need to cleanse once a day."

4.Some believe that hot oil scalp massages will make your#hair grow faster. I'm not completely sold on the idea, but it sounds so relaxing. Even if it doesn't increase the growth of the hair it will help keep the hair healthy. Healthy hairgenerally does grow much faster.

5.Trim your hair regularly (once every 4 months is fine) to get rid of split ends and to add shape to your hair.

6.Tight ponytails can deter hair growth by creating tensions in your hair causing it to break and appear thin. For your hair to grow to its optimal length, avoid wearing hair styles that pull on your hair and instead use fabric ties instead of harsh hair bands. Your head towel and bed linen should be changed regularly, at least once a week. Clean surroundings are a must and accessories that are in constant contact with your hair.

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