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Ladies complain alot about their boyfriends nowadays alot more than the guys. But its obvious that they don't know wat is goin on. Pay attention to these little details and learn from it. 

1. s3x: The bitter truth is that s3x won't keep ur man from chasing other ladies. But great s3x with alot of fun might reduce his excesses. Also remember that denying him s3x will just push him into the arms of boyfriend snatchers. 

2. Food: some will tell u dat the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Dats a chronic falasy  because las las... He can still eat outside or better still,  look for a side chick that can cook well. Don't feel dat ur food is the best because the only food a man cherishes is his mother's food. 

3. Too Good to be true: Being too good or making things too easy for him makes him bored of u. He likes the thrills of adventures so try to be fun and unpredictable. 

4. Being financially dependent on him: honesty men like, respect and adore hard working women.... Forget all the Yeye gestures like "baby, don't work, I can provide for u".... Just be hardworking n independent... U stand a great chance of keeping him. 

5. Physically attractive: Recall that the u we're beautiful n s3xy wen u met him; try n keep it dat way. If not he will derive pleasure in admiring ur single friends n other women... Let's face it, a man has hormones dat attract him to the opposite s3x especially wen they re attractive. 

Tip: But make sure  that he loves u absolutely. Don't ask me how.... Dats ur personal assignment.. 

Conclusion: ladies if u must know; men are like birds, they perch on the most comfortable branch... If they  sense a little discomfort.... They fly to another tree ASAP. So play ur cards well and hope for the best. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

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