Benefits of baking powder/soda

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Benefits of baking powder/soda

Most people only use baking powder for baking and cooking. But there are many other uses of baking powder, I'll be talking about them.

Baking sodium know as sodium bicarbonate has leavening properties. I personally use it/and it's good for:

1. Whitening of teeth- brush your teeth twice a day for a week with baking soda and your teeth will lose its brownish color

2. Used to rid of body odor

3. Aids in kidney functions and may improve certain cancer treatments.

5. Rides stains on clothes and some surfaces.

6. It can be used to polish silverware like your.

7. Used as fire extinguisher to kill oil and grease fires

With this I hope you'll use your baking soda for something else other than baking.

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