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Before you marry her, please confirm these things first

By Mrtpage91 • 9 months ago • 79561 • 1200
Before you marry her, please confirm these things first

Don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t have to be literal madness. But then again, it could be. 

People get into relationships nowadays, even to the extent of getting ready for marriage without doing their proper diligence.

How can you choose to settle with a man or woman without knowing enough about his or her past.

This negligence leads to so much catastrophe in the future both for the marriage, for them selves and for their children.

There are so many things you need to know about that partner and put into consideration which don’t seem obvious but on the long run is too important to ignore. 

Amongst these are;

Past s3x life – Virgin or no virgin? Do you normally have unprotected s3x? Have you had any s3xually transmitted diseases? Amongst many more s3xual issues. 

Obedience to the Law – Hhave you ever been arrested? Do you regard the laws and constitution of your country as well as mine(if from a different country), what would happen to make you break the law? And many more. 

Privacy – Do you like to be private and in your own space at times? If you value your privacy, what do you do when you’re in this mood? How long are you usually in this mood? What and what would you do and not do in this mood? And many more. 

Past relationships – Are you still in contact with your exes? What do you talk about with them? How close are you with them? Do you still have feelings for them? And many more. 

Deal breakers – What on earth will I do that will make you divorce me? 

Home responsibility – Who will take care of the cooking, me, you , anyone, or a cook? Who will bring in the money? Who will take care of the children’s morals? How many children would you love to have? 

All these are just a few of the issues that could cause friction if not handled properly. 

Let’s be guided.

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