Be Real For The Reality Around You.

By lukamaina • 7 days ago • 1585 • 380

That people accept you for whom you are doesn’t make you carefree and care less.

Even when you are misunderstood, try and be real for the realities around you, be real to yourself and to all around you.

Convince them if you can, don’t force anyone to understand you, be polite and friendly, be conscious of what they want in you.

People will continue to accept you only if you are prone to a good change.

Avoid hurting people always just because you want to be known for whom you are all your life.

Bend where it’s necessary, shift if it’s for the benefits of others, stand your ground if it’s for the good of others and you as well.

Don’t always prove to be the wisest, learn and unlearn each passing day. It will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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