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Be Patient With Your Earnings on lpvforum

By emreek • 10 months ago • 19014 • 7497
Be Patient With Your Earnings on lpvforum

Hello, Goodmorning everyone 

Well i would like to share a little story concerning a new member i tried to register of recent, well i explained to him how LPVFORUM works and he took it up to him self that he would love to do it and he paid on time to be registered so i did that same day he started earning but he found out that the pay was not okay and it was slow i without asking me further questions he told me due to the fact that he doesn't have much data to read news on lpv and he doesn't have light in there area he wouldn't be able to continue with the account and therefore want me to find someone that can pay for the account well i did all i could to tell him he can upgrade to Gold and if he sells the account to someone else and het his 1500 he will spend it before that week runs out and he will start looking for other source of income 

When i gave so many motivational talk he decided to keep trying and now today he came to thank him for convincing him to hold on to that account 

So New members on the platform please be patient and earning.. 

See lpvforum as your Office, even in these pandemic period 



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