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Be Creative enough

By paulous • 7 months ago • 1777 • 345

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into existence. It is the skill and ability to produce a new thing.

As a student you could identify a particular school problem and design a way through which such problem can be solved. Inventor make use of their creative minds to produce one thing or the other. 

In 1876 Alexander Bell invented the telephone. Willi Career invented air condition. Therefore, you can make use of the things you can find around to reproduce something.

Creative people are inventive and industrious.

Qualities Of Creativity

Ability to express ideas well

Ability for divergent thinking

Ability to generate original and unusual ideas

Ability to spontaneous come up with solution to problems

Being intuitive and imaginative

Independence and autonomy in judgement

Ability to generate large number of new ideas

Freedom from conformity.

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