Apology poem for a best friend 2

By limalion • 7 months ago • 18385 • 6072

Your friendship is a gift

Oh so precious and so rare

Sometimes I take it for granted

Sometimes I do despair

Some days I say I love you

Some days I treat you bad

I say things I don't mean

But I never meant to make you mad

Everyday is a struggle for me

My mind is an angry storm

Suffering from illness

That makes me feel forgotten 

Oh I wish I could get better

And stop the voices in my head

That make me angry and fearful

Causing me to say things I should have never said

Your love for me was wonderful

So precious and so rare

I dont know if you loved me no matter what

And made me feel good everywhere

I promised I would be your friend

All the way to the bitter end

But instead I squandered your freedom

Along with a nasty message did I send

Nothing good comes out of conflict

Nothing positive is near

I pray that you can someday forgive me

And speak those words that I want to hear

My fault is being sick

My mistakes are everywhere

Please let me not lose the gift

That is so precious and so rare.

Written by: Lima

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