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Respond to questions with enthusiasm. Refuse to be embarrassed or flustered. Have confidence to take time to frame coherent answer to a difficult and complicated question. Ask for a repeat to a question you you do not hear well or understand.

    Put your points across clearly and succinctly. Stuttering and stumbling over word and phrases may also be a sign of nerves. Be clear succinct, positive, concise,  talk straight to the point instead of beating about the bush. Talking directly to the point shows that you're listening attentively.

          Similarly to behavioral question are capability questions, which seems to probe your personnal profile -knowledge, fundamental skills and competencies, required to achieve and acceptable level of performance in the job.  Interviewer ask explicit capability questions to obtain from you evidence that shows the extent to which you meet their specifications. 

      For the purpose of this manual, those questions are refers to as competency or skill based interview questions.

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